• ADJUSTABLE COMFORT– Cloud Massagers provide a deep kneading shiatsu massage at the optimum comfort angle. Features an easy adjustable bar. Other foot massagers force you to keep your knees together, and legs at a 90 degree angle.
  • DUAL MASSAGE– Features multiple settings for heat, air compression pressure and vibration. Provides the perfect massage for your feet, calves, toes and ankles.
  • RELIEF– Medical Grade massager provides relief for tired feet , Plantar Fasciitis , Diabetics , and Neuropathy by increasing Blood Flow Circulation.
  • WARNING – The Cloud Massage features varying levels of pressure. We encourage you to use the lowest setting initially. Most afflictions will feel slight soreness after an initial massage after the first few uses. This is normal, and is how you know it is working.
  • GUARANTEE– You will be able to feel the weighted quality of a Cloud Massage machine when you first open the box. We are proud to offer a 100% no hassle warranty. You have nothing to lose. With that, add one to your cart now.


Cloud Massage for Increased Blood Flow

The circulatory system is responsible for distributing oxygenated blood to all organs and cells in the body. It also takes harmful toxins from cells to different areas of the body for removal. The lower parts of the body, especially feet, tend to have decreased blood flow due to their distance from the heart.

Since 2011, Cloud Massage machines have been the most clinically recommended for increasing blood flow. The secret is in the multiple points of pressure and heat that accompanies each ,massage. Enjoy a variations of heat, vibration, pressure and rolling kneading which helps to stimulate blood flow.

Massaging your feet at least 10 minutes a day can significantly improve blood circulation to lower extremities. This is important not only for people with plantar fasciitis but also for those with diabetes. With the help of a foot massager, blood circulation is improved. Thus, toxins present in the body get reduced. This enhances your health and reduces stress levels.

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